Curly weave looks very nice and fits almost every face shape.

But its allot harder to take care of than the straight and wavy weave.

When buying a curly weave try and stick to virgin hair, even if it is Indian hair or Brazilian hair, as virgin hair has not been processed much so doesn’t have any chemical damage so will not tangle easily.

To maintain curly weave follow the instructions below:

Plait it into into one or two pony tails when going to bed, don’t sleep with it  like that as when you wake up it will be in a tangled mess and if you keep doing this for a long period of time it will make the hair shed quicker and tangle.

Before styling your curly hair spritz with a bit of water or use a leave in hair conditioner and detangler and style. NB: for best results you can use water every day on it but  using leave in hair products should be every other day or twice a week as this builds up in the hair over time so will need to be washed out.

Try and not  dye or bleach curly hair  too much as this can weaken the hair and cause it to shed.

use a width tooth comb on it and just put your finger through it, do not use a brush  on it as this will make it shed.


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